Posters & Printing

Poster Templates

Please use a current UMN School of Nursing poster template. The most common poster template sizes are found below. ONRS is happy to create a custom-sized poster template–just email us ([email protected]) the dimensions you need indicating height and width.

  • Poster templates are set-up at 50% of the final (i.e., printed) size because the poster (PowerPoint) templates cannot exceed 56” in height. Unless specified otherwise, posters are printed at 200%.
  • Student and faculty investigators associated with the School of Nursing and/or projects supported by School of Nursing funds are expected to acknowledge association with the School of Nursing in any poster printed (i.e., include the School of Nursing logo and/or note the co-author's affiliation with Nursing).  This type of acknowledgment is standard practice.  Consult with your adviser or ONRS if you have questions. 
  • All poster templates are not created equal.  You will need to know the size of the poster.  Typically the conference or meeting will delineate the space available to display your poster OR specify the poster dimensions.  Read their guidance closely.  Email the sponsor if you have questions.  Also note that as the poster size increases, so does its printing cost.    
  • Poster design resources include a School of Nursing poster workshop (handouts), design and deliver effective presentations, and communicating your research with posters.  Additionally, ONRS has a Google folder with example student posters.  Contact Margaret in ONRS for access.
  • The University subscribes to GraphicStocks, copyright-free digital content for use by the University community.  The UMN Libraries also has image resources.
  • The University of Minnesota School of Nursing Style Guide provides guidance on common abbreviations and acronyms that may be helpful to you.

Feel free to contact the Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship (ONRS) with any questions about the poster printing process, funds for printing posters, and/or poster templates.

Funding for Printing Posters

Limited funds are available from the School of Nursing to support poster printing costs.  If you would like to request funds to cover the poster printing cost, please email [email protected] and explain the poster presentation opportunity (e.g., the conference, its date and location) along with your name and degree program and the estimated printing cost of your poster.  We are also happy to answer any questions you might have.  Note that the typical poster printing cost is ~$100.  Posters costing >$140 will need additional justification.  When/If funding for the poster's printing is approved, please keep the approval email for your records.

Poster Printing Process

Posters processed through ONRS are submitted using an online form.  We ask that you submit your poster at least 5 business days before it is needed to allow sufficient processing time.  Note: If you will not be requesting use of the ONRS funds for the poster's printing (i.e., paying for it with grant funds or with your personal funds), you should contact a printer directly.  ONRS uses and recommends the University Imaging Center.

  • ONRS strongly encourages you to generate a PDF of your poster (i.e., print a PDF) and reviewing this "proof."  
    • Take your time and thoroughly review the poster proof.  Be sure to provide co-authors and/or your advisor an opportunity to review the PDF proof as well.  
    • The PDF poster details (e.g., image quality) are best assessed while viewing it at 200%, whereas the poster's overall layout is readily gauged using the "zoom to page level" view.
    • Revise your poster as needed.
  • Once the poster is finalized, complete the online poster printing submission form.  Note that once your poster has been submitted to ONRS, it will be printed.  It cannot be pulled back.
  • The poster will then be printed.  It can be picked-up at Jackson Hall —typically within 24 hours.  
  • Upon receipt of your poster, confirm the printing quality (i.e., open it up and check it out--does it look right?).  Don't wait until the conference.
Printed Poster Size (width x height) in feet
Printed Poster Size (width x height) in inches Poster Templates (Sized  50%) 
4' w x 4' h 48" w x 48" h Template
3.75' w x 3.75' h 45" w x 45" h MNRS Template
3' w x 3' h 36" w x 36" h Template
3' w x 5' h 36" w x 60" h Template
3.3' w x 3.3' h 40" w x 40" h Template
4' w x 3' h 48" w x 36" h Template
5' w x 3.5' h 60" w x 42" h Template
5' w x 3' h 60" w x 36" h Template
5' w x 4' h 60" w x 48" h Template
6' w x 4' h 72" w x 48" h Template
8' w x 4' h 96" w x 48" h Template