Grant Submission

We ask that you inform ONRS about any and all funding-related submissions (i.e., scholarship or research grant applications that call for budgets, institutional endorsements, require School of Nursing sign-offs, and/or will be using University resources)–ideally early in the process.  Just stop email us.  We would be happy to advise you or answer any questions.

Grant Funding Resources

  • Grant funding search tools and resources compiled by the library can be found here. ONRS has also has a list of possible funding sources that may be of interest to students or early career investigators.  And finally, keep an eye out for the ONRS Update, a monthly emailed newsletter that includes grant opportunities and research resources.

Grant Submission Process

  • The first step in any grant submission through ONRS is completion of the Intent to Submit form.  Receipt will trigger a meeting with ONRS to make sure your submission is on track.  Feel free to contact ONRS (or stop by 6-101 WDH) with any questions about the form or grant submission process.
  • If you need an eRA Commons user ID for your NIH proposal contact SPA.
  • The School of Nursing Grant Resource Guide can be useful when completing the Facilities/Resource section of a proposal.
  • Deadlines:  All proposals that will be routed through the U's Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) must be submitted to SPA by 9:00 am at least three business days prior to the grant sponsor's deadline.  The SPA due date is preceded by the ONRS due date.  Finalized proposals are due to ONRS in a ready-to-submit state three days before the SPA due date.  Please plan accordingly.

Resources Specific to NIH proposals

Statistical Assistance

Email [email protected] complete this form for assistance or visit