Annual Student Poster Competition

The Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) has an annual student poster competition that is open to University of Minnesota School of Nursing students (BSN Seniors, MN, DNP and PhD). Up to twelve student finalists will be selected to represent the University of Minnesota School of Nursing at the poster competition.  Their names are forwarded to MNRS by the Associate Dean for Research.  The finalists receive recognition for their achivement along with financial support to cover some of the costs associated with participating in the conference (i.e., registration, MNRS membership, hotel, travel etc.)  Note that while this is a poster competition, a strong abstract is key*.

The MNRS poster competition is a two-step process:

STEP 1  

A call for abstracts is distributed to all School of Nursing students in early September.  Student abstracts submitted to the Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship (ONRS) by the October deadline will be reviewed by a School of Nursing Research subcommittee.  Up to 12 UMN Nursing student abstracts will be selected to participate in the Student Poster competition at the MNRS Annual Research Conference—i.e., up to three from each educational level: BSN, MN, DNP, and PhD.  Those names will be forwarded to MNRS in late October by the Associate Dean for Research.  Students do not apply directly to MNRS.  

Link to submit 2018 Abstracts.  Deadline is October 6.

STEP 2   

The selected 12 UMN student finalists will have approximately three months (January - March) to prepare their posters using the poster template provided by ONRS.  Finalized posters are due to ONRS for printing in the spring.  UMN student finalists will then present their posters at the MNRS Annual Research Conference (typically in April).

*The MNRS student poster judging is also a two-step process.  Abstracts submitted to MNRS are reviewed and scored before the conference.  Judges only review the posters for the top 10 abstracts in each category at the MNRS Annual Research Conference.

MNRS conference tip sheet
MNRS Annual Student Poster Competition (background)
MNRS Poster Categories and Judging Requirements

School of Nursing PowerPoint Presentation template (NOT for use with posters)